1.chinalane 中華里
2.hkreadingcity 閱讀天地
3.Wong Shik Ling "Guangdong phonological sink" 黃錫凌《粵音韻彙》
4.dragonwise 現龍系列
5.classroom Kingdom Story 課室網 - 故事王國 minute's chinese網上中文一分鐘
7.Let’s speak together 校本自學詞語短片《齊齊說》
8.Let’s learn together 校本自學書本《齊齊學》

1. British Council
2. Fun with Phonics
3. Children short stories
4. Fun to read
5. Sesame Street

1. Fun with Games
2. Primary Games
3. etv movie
4. Mathematical Games
5. multiplier
6. Number skills
7. Maths Games
8. Arcademic Builders_2
9. 3-digit Numbers

General Stuies
1.Health Zone
2.Hong Kong Space Museum
3. Green Power
4. The Conservancy Association
5. Hong Kong Observatory
6. World Health Organization
7. Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence
8. Hong Kong Museum of History
9. Science 4 Kids
10. Creature World

Online Dictionaries
1.    Yahoo Dictationary
2.    Cambridge Dictionary
3.     Lin Yutang Contemporary Chinese Dictionary