School History

Pat Heung Central Primary School, formerly known by two with the benefit of public schools and Shek Wu School a long history and teaching philosophy similar schools merger. The former (with the benefit of public schools) by Tongyi Church elders in 1921 to raise funds to build a the Pat Heung Tongyi school, the then Governor Sir Reginald Stubbs also went to the opening ceremony the New Territories first regular Hyanggyo of. . Premises ninety years earlier even by the government and the Antiquities and Monuments Office assessed as secondary protection of cultural relics and three historic buildings. In 2003, both with the benefit of public schools and Shek Wu School managers to Pat Heung villagers children have the right to choose the school, and retain a representative for the local primary school, Pat Heung Central Primary School was officially established, the Council members of education by a group of concerned local people. The incumbent school supervisors and principals are of Mr. Lai Wai Hung and Lai Yuen Shan Irene. Mr. SMC also mostly village representatives and district councilors and professionals.