Academic subjects



We believe that reading is essential in promoting self-directed learning. In order to arouse students’ interests in reading, pictorial books are utilized during Chinese reading lessons. A wide range of learning activities are implemented simultaneously to accommodate students’ diverse learning needs in Chinese language acquisition and enrich their learning experiences. As our school is promoting Positive Education, we encourage students to utilize their character strengths during these various activities.

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Our English curriculum aims at arousing students’ interests in learning English and enhancing their language skills so that they can use appropriate English in everyday situations confidently. We believe that each student has his/her own unique learning talent. In order to cater for the diverse learning needs of our students, we have implemented ‘Space Town’ in Key Stage 1 and ‘Keys 2’ in Key Stage 2. These English programs focus on the development of students’ reading and writing skills. They have been specifically designed by the EDB and carried out jointly by the local teachers and the native English teacher. These programs encompass a wide variety of stimulating activities which have been created to cultivate a holistic learning environment.

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In order to cater for students’ learning diversity, small-group teaching and co-teaching are carried out in mathematics lessons. Continual teaching development is conducted in order for teachers and students to optimize their mutual learning. Students are provided with many learning opportunities in the lessons. Besides, individual support is given to students who are in need of help during Sunshine Group, SEN tutorial class and after-school remedial class. To motivate students learning mathematics, diversified learning activities are held throughout the year as well. E-learning is an important element for mathematics learning. Students use tablet computers to facilitate them with self-directed learning. We strongly believe that positive education can arouse students’ learning motivation and also help to develop students’ abilities of exploring, critical thinking,

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General Studies


Our General Studies curriculum aims at helping students establish positive learning attitudes and self-management skills as well as provide them with plenty of opportunities to learn about different cultures.  A wide range of activities are implemented to facilitate learning.  As we are promoting Positive Education, we believe that through engaging students in diversified programs and activities, they can utilize their character strengths to tackle the challenges that they may encounter in the future.



We would like to help students explore and utilize their own personality strengths. Subsequently we have organized different types of musical activities. So that to arouse students’ interest in music, help them to build a happy and successful life. This year our students have experienced Recorder Week, Christmas Music Show, Chinese New Year Singing Contest, Music Week and Teacher and Student Singing Contest. Through the preparation of music activities, students improved their self-learning ability and their sense of responsibility. We also encourage students to learn different instruments and develop students’ interest and understanding of music. As we believe that the students’ potential should not be limited by external conditions, we provide sponsorship for talented students to learn different instruments. In addition to different musical instrument classes, the school also broaden students’ horizons by encouraging them to watch concerts every year.

Physical Education


Our Physical Education curriculum aims at enhancing students’ physical fitness, cultivating positive attitudes towards life and enriching their knowledge as well as their skills about different sports.


We have organized a wide range of activities so as to develop students’ potential such as Sports Days, Educational Camp and Basketball Matches. We believe that through engaging students in various athletic activities, we can help them establish strong team spirit gradually.

Visual Arts


Our Visual Arts curriculum aims at arousing students’ interests in arts. We equip students with various skills in drawing and painting with the help of our green campus. What’s more, we encourage their participation in art appreciation by organizing Pat Heung Gallery.

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The objectives of the Putonghua curriculum are to arouse students’ interests in learning Putonghua, to enhance their listening and speaking competency. We adopt different interactive learning activities to encourage students learn Putonghua in authentic ways.

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Starting from 2018-2019, our school provides 2 STEM lessons for P.4 to P.6 students every week. In the lessons, we try to connect 4 subjects, namely, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics with hands-on activities. Students usually work in groups. Project-based approach is facilitated for students to coordinate in order to solve a problem.


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