Media Reports

Date Focus
2022-03-03 Parents Daily: When squirrels come into the campus, life education begins (Chinese)
2022-02-06 RTHK-Parents are no Aliens: Positive Education and Cultural Diversity (Chinese)
2022-02-06 South China Morning Post:  Monopoly-style game teaches Hong Kong children how to be little entrepreneurs
2021-11-19 Hong Kong Economic Journal – Education Review:Friendship Learning: Pursuing the Hong Kong Story (Chinese)
2020-10-27 Mingpao: Implementing the Philosophy – Change the School Uniforms into Polo Shirts to Have More Fun (Chinese)
2020-10-27 Mingpao: School Tour: Playing in the sand, rolling the hillside, going up to the tree house – village school paradise, freedom leads to positive education
2020-08-29 RTHK:”Inheritance of the Love for Animals” – the Guardian of the Cats
2019-04-26 Smart Parents – our library
2018-10-02 mingpao Happy PaMa 210
2018-09-12 Mingpao:Butterfly Group
2018-09-11 RTHK:Teacher’s Day Awards
2018-05-08 Water Dispensers: an Alternative to Bottled Water
2018-04-24 The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups
2017-12-05 HK01
2017-09-22 JA Be My Own Boss:Jockey Club Entrepreneurship Series
2017-07-19 Grwth – Pat Heung Central Primary School
2017-02-20 HKFEW NO.95
2017-01-20 The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups – Like the schools 
2016-11-08 RTHK – My home in Hong Kong
2016-05-03 HKFEW NO.83
2016-04-27 The letter in goodies 
2016-04-12 Sunny Campus
2015-07-14 Hong Kong MingPao
2014-07-16 RTHK-Hong Kong, My Home
2014-08-07 Metropop 010203
2010-08-31 Hong Kong Economic Times