Supervisor’s Message

During a critical transitional moment of the 10th anniversary of Pat Heung Central Primary School, I was duly appointed by Tung Yick Tong as the second supervisor of Pat Heung Central Primary School. Since then, my education journey has commenced.


My duty as the supervisor of Pat Heung Central Primary School began in September 2013. Undoubtedly, this is a tremendous responsibility that a supervisor should take very seriously. There is a substantial amount of dedication that has to be put forth to efficiently carry out this honorable position. Every day, various obstacles are presented which at first seemed insurmountable. These obstacles have motivated me to move forward.


My first challenge as the supervisor of the school was constructing a roadway through the dense banana trees located in the northern section of the school to Shek Kong barracks. As the majority of the village roads in the New Territories are privately owned, constructing a road was a huge challenge for the school.  As foreseen, the road was crucial for the future development and enhancement of the school. Therefore, enormous persuasion to convince the landowners concerned to sign an agreement to give way to construct the road commenced. Eventually, the mutual agreements were reached among the owners in the surrounding areas. The construction finally started. Under my close supervision of the entire construction process and with my tremendous effort in raising substantial funds for it, the road was successfully built. With my unwavering resolve, the school now has the right to use the newly constructed road and it brings convenience to the villagers as well.


At that moment, it was also believed that the mission was accomplished. However, it was merely the starting point of the overall mission. In order to provide students with worldwide learning opportunities, raising funds from different people in our community to run various interest classes for the students began. With the unstinting support from the generous donors, our school orchestra was established and the Cambridge English courses were introduced to our students. Our students are able to learn different musical instruments, enrich their knowledge and widen their horizons.


After that, accelerating the construction of the new annex was the next challenge. Consistent negotiations with different government departments, including the Home Affairs Department, the Planning Department, the Fire Services Department, the Water Supplies Department and the Drainage Services Department were carried out. Consequently, the construction of the new annex started due to my perseverance.


At this moment, the Incorporated Management Committee is going to continue to raise even more funds to enhance the learning environment of the school. Let’s work hand in hand collaboratively to create a bright future for our next generations.


 Lai Wai Hung
School Supervisor
Pat Heung Central Primary School