Extending Chinese New Year holidays to February 16

In view of an increase in the number of confirmed and suspected Novel Coronavirus infection cases and the increasing risk of the spread of the virus in crowded environment in a short period of time when people travel abroad and visit relatives during the Chinese New Year holidays, the Education Bureau (EDB) today announced that all schools (including kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools and special schools) will extend their Chinese New Year holidays to February 16 (i.e. class resumption on February 17) to safeguard students’ health. During the period, we will continue to assess the situation. We have also contacted universities and tertiary institutions to ask them to consider extending the date of class resumption.



During the extended holiday period, we call on students to stay at home as much as possible. The school will provide students with learning materials through the school website and GRWTH platform, including online resources provided by Hong Kong Education City or other education websites, so that students can learn at home. We call on parents to play with the school-school cooperation spirit, take proper care of their children, and pay more attention to the environment and personal hygiene. The LCSD will also suspend many facilities from 29/1/2020, including all museums, all stadiums, sports fields, performance venues, public libraries, etc., and cancel recreational, sports, and cultural activities at the sites until further notice. Parents are requested to avoid placing their children in a crowded environment and reduce the risk of infection. As the epidemic situation in Wuhan City, Hubei Province and other mainland provinces and cities continues to develop, the school reminds parents and students to avoid unnecessary trips to Wuhan City, Hubei Province and other cities in Mainland China. If unavoidable, they should wear surgical masks for 14 days after returning to Hong Kong. For the school to accurately understand the status of outbound parents and students, please report the outbound travel records and health information to the school. The school urges all parents and students who travel abroad to return to Hong Kong as soon as possible during the suspension period and to avoid traveling abroad. If students are unattended at home and need to go back to school, the school will make flexible handling.



The school’s Sports Day initially scheduled for 7/2/2020 and basketball matches during February will be cancelled.



As regards the arrangements for the provision of a student grant of $2,500 to day-school students in the 2019/20 school year, schools are originally requested to submit the application forms completed by parents on or before February 14. As some schools may not be able to collect the forms on time, we will extend the deadline for submission by two weeks to February 28.



We will make good use of this time to prepare for future classes, such as preparing clean and disinfected items to cater for the needs of individual students. In addition, the school will thoroughly clean the campus to ensure a clean and hygienic environment and strengthen health education. When the school resumes classes, we will continue to strengthen our temperature monitoring measures to measure the temperature of visitors and students every day. Parents are also required to take their children’s temperature at home and teach their children personal hygiene such as washing their hands frequently. Students who are unwell or have symptoms should not go to school. They should seek medical treatment immediately and go home to rest. We will inform parents of the latest information on infectious diseases and related measures in due course. Parents are advised to pay attention.



If you have any inquiries, please contact the school’s staff at 24881520.