Classes will be resumed on March 2 the earliest

Class resumption 

The Education Bureau (EDB) announced that due to the latest epidemic development, all schools in Hong Kong (including kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, special schools and private schools offering non-formal curriculum) would resume classes on March 2 the earliest pending further assessment.


Personal hygiene  

Meanwhile, the EDB strongly urged students to avoid going to areas affected by the epidemic outbreak. Parents should also arrange for their children who are traveling abroad to return to Hong Kong as soon as possible. After returning to Hong Kong, they should be mindful of their physical conditions. If they feel unwell, they should seek medical treatment as soon as possible to safeguard their health. During the period of postponement of class resumption, students should stay at home and avoid going to crowded places. Parents should suspend group/extra-curricular activities for their children, such as interest classes and tuition classes, and should not allow students to travel abroad in order to lower the risk of being infected.



During the period of class suspension, PHCPS will make good use of e-learning. May parents kindly remind students to study in a timely manner to better spend their time. 


Other matters

Arrangements about the postponement of class resumption and related matters, including the Primary 6 internal examinations for the purpose of Secondary School Places Allocation and the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination be announced next week by the EDB.