Arrangement of P.1 Parents’ Day & Orientation Day

  1. P.1 Orientation Day will be held on 22nd August 2020 (Saturday) through video conferencing (Zoom). Details will be announced later.
  2. Due to the continuous outbreak of COVID-19, Parents’ Day (scheduled on 8th August) will be cancelled. We have arranged another day to help parents order school uniforms and buy textbooks for their children on *29th August (Saturday, 1:00-3:00). If students can’t collect the uniforms before the school year begins, they can wear their own clothes to school.

If parents can’t come to school on 29th August, you may

  • order the uniforms online anytime (please refer to the document attached); and
  • go to Kwong Ming Bookstore to buy textbooks after 29th August in order to avoid large gatherings of people.

*Subject to change depending on the epidemic of COVID-19. Please pay attention to the latest announcement.

Only ONE parent is invited. Please wear a face mask. If there are confirmed COVID-19 cases in your building, you should avoid coming to school or going to Kwong Ming Bookstore within 14 days.