29th August 2020—Ordering Uniforms & Buying Textbooks

Due to the continuous outbreak of COVID-19, Parents’ Day (scheduled on 8th August) will be cancelled. We have arranged another day to help parents order school uniforms and buy textbooks for their children on *29th August (Saturday). Please follow the assigned time slots below to come to school.

9:00-10:30am               Students promoted to P.2-P.3    

10:30am-12:00nn           Students promoted to P.4-P.6

If parents can’t come to school on 29th August, you may

  • order the uniforms online anytime (please refer to the document attached); and
  • go to Kwong Ming Bookstore to buy textbooks after 29th August in order to avoid large gatherings of people.

*Subject to change depending on the epidemic of COVID-19. Please pay attention to the latest announcement.

Only ONE parent is invited. Please wear a face mask. If there are confirmed COVID-19 cases in your building, you should avoid coming to school or going to Kwong Ming Bookstore within 14 days.