Starting from 2018-2019, our school provides 2 STEM lessons for P.4 to P.6 students every week. In the lessons, we try to connect 4 subjects, namely, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics with hands-on activities. Students usually work in groups. Project-based approach is facilitated for students to coordinate in order to solve a problem.


Objectives for academic year 20/21

In connection with emerging technologies, we adopt various cloud computing technologies, such as Google Drive, Google Docs and Google Slides, to facilitate students’ collaboration. Besides, students learn how to edit videos with iMovie and they learn to program the BBC’s Micro:bit in order to foster computational thinking. In addition, we joined the Net’s be wise programme for P.6. This programme includes topics like screen time management, privacy, cyber bullying, cyber security, etc. It is believed that it can both enhance students’ computer literacy and also promote their safety awareness in the complex and ever-changing digital world. Finally, we have invited the Agilent Technologies Company to provide some interesting STEM projects, such as non-Newtonian fluid, owl pellet, paper chromatography, fingerprint identification, periscope, water filter, etc.